Play Better Golf Tips#2 Set up routine

Go through the same set up routine on every shot

Get into the habit of going through the same set up routine on every shot you take, from the Teeing area, find an even surface and set the ball at the right height for your club.Stand behind your line of flight and pick out a spot 6″ to 12″ in front of the ball to set your alignment. Align your club to that spot and take your stance, if you feel uncomfortable, go back behind the ball and start again, never take a shot before you are ready.If you go through the same routine on every shot it will become habit and improve your psychological approach to that shot.  

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  1. Golf was my father’s religion too. His routine started with playing golf most days to keep fit. His second step was to get a dog to walk and keep fit. His third step was to buy a golf buggy so he could concentrate on the business of playing. Then the last step was swearing at the ball that didn’t go where he planned. My uncle hooked, my father sliced and they met at the tees, greens and clubhouse!

    • For us “would be” great golfers its always the ball ball that gets the blame, it never goes where you tell it, but it is such a sociable game, at the 19th hole! Thank for your comment Helen.

    • Thank you very much for your comments, it is always nice to get a view from someone who doesn’t play golf, on the actual website, thats encouraging.
      Thanks again


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