Play Better Golf Tip #6 – What’s in Your Bag

What’s in Your Bag?

The rules of golf state that you are allowed to carry 14 clubs in your bag during any one round.

Having so many options nowadays, what with hybrid clubs, fairway woods, driving irons, specialist wedges you will have to leave something out of your bag in favour of something else.

Take full advantage of the 14 club rule, if you have all the clubs you need and like, the better chance you have of letting the club do the work rather than manipulating your swing to the shot.

If you are really serious about being capable of playing the best golf you can, then you should be thinking about having your next set of clubs custom fitted to your abilities. There is no need to keep chopping and changing your clubs because you feel you cant get on with them. Realistically you should not be thinking about changing or updating your equipment for 3 or 4 years. Obviously, the grips will need attention within that time but if you have clubs that have been fitted to your capabilities they should see you through for quite some time.


What Clubs To Carry?

bag-of-golf-clubsYou are going to work out which clubs are beneficial to you and which ones you use very occasionally.

I personally carry 4 Woods 1,3,5,7  with a  23-degree hybrid and the irons 5,6,7,8,9. I carry 3 wedges pitch , lob wedge and a Sand Wedge and  putter.

My bag is made up of more distance clubs because I am not a long hitter of the ball, but this is something that you can work out for yourself . If you hit the ball a considerable distance then maybe you would want to replace the lower woods 5/7 in my case with higher irons 3/4 for more control, or even 1 iron and a lower hybrid, 19 degrees for example.

But at the end of the day, it is what you are comfortable with and which clubs are going to benefit you most in getting round the course in the least amount of strokes.

What Else?

No matter what level we play at some point a wayward shot is going to occur and of it goes into the trees or bushes and we aren’t really sure where it came to rest. The clock is on you while you search for it and after the allotted 5 minutes you have to reach into your bag for another ball. Alwas carrygolf-ball

 Spare Balls. If you are playing a comp you can’t ask your playing partner to lend you a ball.




A Towel is always a good idea carried on the outside of your bag for wiping your ball once you have reached the green, or if playing winter rules to pick and wipe. But you should carry another towel in your bag for wiping your grips or even your hands when they get damp from sweat or weather conditions. You don’t want to be wiping your grips with the same towel as you use to clean your ball.

pencilsSharpened Pencil or two. It can become annoying to keep asking your playing partner to borrow his pencil to mark your card because you have just broken the tip of yours or maybe its become so worn down you cant write with it.



Before you go to the first tee you are going to want a scorecard unless you know the course like the back of your hand, why not pick up a Course Guide at the same time. Don’t forget in a comp you can’t ask your playing partner for advice.

golf-teeSpare Tees. I suppose this one is a bit obvious really, but I use different size Tees for depending on the club I am using, so make sure you have a full complement of the Tees you use.




If you are playing in a climate that hasn’t seen rain for weeks then there is no point in weighing down your bag with a Wet Suit, but, on the other hand, if the forecast says rain there is nothing more distracting than getting soaking wet. Carrying an Umbrella is always a good idea for those short sharp showers.


golf-gloveA Spare Glove is always advisable especially in wet conditions. Wearing a wet glove not only loses grip on the club it is also very uncomfortable.

Play Better Golf Tip #6  What's in Your Bag
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Play Better Golf Tip #6 What's in Your Bag
What you should be carrying in your Golf Bag
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