Play Better Golf Tip #6 – What’s in Your Bag


What’s in Your Bag? The rules of golf state that you are allowed to carry 14 clubs in your bag during any one round. Having so many options nowadays, what with hybrid clubs, fairway woods, driving irons, specialist wedges you will have to leave something out of your bag in favour of something else. Take … Read more

Play Better Golf Tip #5 Loosen up


Loosen up before you play     If you don’t have the chance to get to the practice ground before teeing off you have to loosen off before you get to the first tee. Take 2 mid iron clubs say 5+6 and gently swing in a pendulum action slowly getting wider and wider until you reach … Read more

Play Better Golf tip #4- Your grip

Golf Grip

  How hard do you squeeze the grip of your club? The harder you squeeze the club the less distance you will achieve. Gripping the club tightly leads to tension in your arms and will lessen a free flowing swing. Try the toothpaste tube test, grip your club with the same amount of pressure you … Read more

Play Better Golf tip #3 Putting


How is your putting? A bit inconsistent? Here’s a tip to stroke those putts straighter every time. Every ball has a  marker, whether it be the logo, or a straight line on the ball, a mark that you can line up to the intended  line of the putt,. you could even make your own marker … Read more

Play Better Golf Tips#2 Set up routine


Go through the same set up routine on every shot Get into the habit of going through the same set up routine on every shot you take, from the Teeing area, find an even surface and set the ball at the right height for your club.Stand behind your line of flight and pick out a … Read more

Play Better Golf Tips #1-Be Prepared

Golf Course

05/29/2015 Preparing for your round Turn up at the course so as to give yourself plenty of time to have a bite to eat and a drink. Go to the practice area and warm up with a basket of balls. Spend 10 minutes on the putting green. Arrive at the tee 10 minutes before your … Read more